Workplace Cut & Laceration Prevention Tips

1. Maintain Sharp Tools

Keep cutting tools sharp so workers can get the job done without the need for extra force that might cause a blade to slip. Check that all sharp tools have machine guarding to protect workers from accidental contact and injury.

2. Inspect PPE Before Use

Have workers inspect all their PPE before starting work to check for damage, wear, or excessive soiling. Stress that their gear is constructed to maximize safety so they should never cut off glove fingertips, remove cut-resistant liners, or modify their PPE in other ways. Ensure that it’s as comfortable as possible by trying the many new technologies that provide coolness, comfort, and tactile sensitivity without sacrificing protection.

3. Remove Snag Hazards

Remind your team to remove all jewelry and make sure clothes are buttoned properly and tucked in. At work, staying neat isn’t just about appearance, it’s about safety!

4. Keep Work Areas Clean

Teach workers never to leave sharp materials unattended and to report any hazards they see. A messy work area can be a dangerous work area!

5. Train, Remind, and Prepare

Hold safety training classes on preventing cuts and lacerations and post reminders to keep safety on your workers’ minds.

Review your company procedures and emergency first aid in case an accident does happen.

Make sure everyone knows what to do and who to contact in case of an incident. Review this list regularly to be sure you and your workers are doing everything possible to prevent cuts and lacerations.

Get training and reminder tools to minimize cuts and lacerations in the workplace!

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