When do I use first aid?

When to use first aid
First aid should be used any time there is an illness, injury, or emergency situation that requires treatment and emergency personnel have not arrived.

In some cases, the situation and resulting first aid may be minor – some antibiotic ointment and a bandage for a small cut, for example. In other cases, it may be an emergency that could save a life, such as performing CPR.

You should only administer it in more serious cases if you are trained to do so.


A quick response

Since some accidents won’t require any professional treatment provided injuries don’t get aggravated.


It can save lives

When it comes to more serious injuries, first aid provides an essential role in keeping a casualty from getting worse.


A greater sense of safety

Becoming trained in first aid methods will help you to feel more secure and confident when dealing with emergency situation.


Helps to meet legal safety requirements in schools

Schools must plan for the first aid needs of students and staff at school or on approved school activities.

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