Treatments for Wounds

treatment for wounds
The human body is a very complex system and to think that small cells work together.
It iss one to create an organ including our skin, bones, muscles and even our hair.

We get injuries that create cuts and wounds in our everyday lives and we often just ignore them if it’s just a minor injury.

Most people will just wash the wound and we’re all done and just leave it until it heals up but what should we do if we have a major injury or wound?

Some people may panic, but there are few tips to help treat your cuts and wounds properly and safely.

The first thing that we should always do when dealing with a bleeding injury. It is to stop the bleed by putting direct pressure on the wound.

Remove any jewellery or clothing around the injury site so that it won’t be contaminated.

Use clean water and saline, to clean the injury site so that no any foreign objects like small rocks or dirt can enter the wound.

If blood is flowing from the wound uncontrollable by direct pressure. Call 000 for emergency service. While you wait a tourniquet can be applied to limbs or use a blood clotting gauze if it’s a wound to the truck of the body.

Once the bleeding has stopped. Apply a clean pressure immobilisation bandage to the wound and seek medical attention.

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