Ria Esbrey – Member Spotlight – August 2018

Why Did You Decide To Join Ab Corporate Fitness?

I decided to join AB corporate as I was feeling really unhealthy and down about my general fitness levels & health. Aaron, my PT who is also a good friend of mine, convinced me to come and see him so he could work out an exercise regime for me. I have stayed as I really appreciate the individualised service from AB Corporate. It is a friendly gym with a focus on holistic health, not just pumping iron & bulking up. There is a real community feel to AB corporate that I really enjoy & since joining for PT with Aaron I have now come on board as a staff member and help people as a diabetes Victoria facilitator. Being with AB corporate has combined my two passions, helping people and also trying to stay healthy myself, which I think is very important for all people but mostly for people in caring professions

Current Goal(s) In The Gym Or In Life?

My current goal in the gym is to complete a 10K run at the Melbourne marathon and in doing this I really need to focus on my strength and stamina training. I have already completed a 5k run & I know with the support of AB Corporate I can reach my next goal with flying colours!!

What Would You Like To Know More About?

I would like to know more about holistic wellness. I think exercise is a key ingredient in keeping our mind, body and souls happy and healthy & I would like to keep working with AB corporate to spread this message & continue incorporating exercise for holistic wellness into my own life.

Favourite And Least Favourite Exercise Or Class?

Ok so I’m not a huge fan of doing belly crunches on the blow-up balls. That’d probably be my least favourite I’d say. Really love the suspension classes, yoga classes & really getting into jogging on the treadmill.

What’s Been Your Most Memorable Achievement Since Becoming A Member?

I think walking part of the Oxfam 100Km was a pretty memorable affair. I didn’t get the chance to complete it this year unfortunately, but hopefully with continued training at AB I can have a go & finish next year. Though I didn’t finish myself it was great to walk with the team (for the part I completed) and then to be able to come back and support them all to finish afterwards

Whats Something That Your Gym Mates Would Be Surprised To Know About You?

I am a sucker for singing in the car – if you’re ever pulled up next to me at traffic lights don’t be surprised to see me belting out a song (I’ll probably be trying to dance to it as well)

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