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4 Tips for Your First Time at a Gym

When you walk into a gym for the first time, it’s hard to know what to do first. What classes do you try? Is personal training best? How do you even lift one of those kettle bells?

Relax. Whatever you do—whether it’s learning to lift, getting your cardio on, or dancing yourself fit—will be infinitely better than staying on the couch. Most of the benefits of exercise come when you go from doing nothing to doing something!

The biggest pitfall right now? Getting discouraged, intimidated, or overwhelmed. We’ve assembled a few tips for getting through those first tentative trips to the gym, so you can stick to your guns and meet your fitness goals.

  1. Don’t Rush

    The first few weeks/months can be instrumental to your success, make sure to take the time to let your body get use to the movements. Plan to do less than you need to for the first few sessions – life litter weights, slow down and do less than you think you can-your muscles first need to adapt to the stresses your putting on them If you lift too heavy too fast, your muscles will feel so sore that you won’t be able to walk for a week or may even injure yourself. (this is not to say that you wont be sore at all, because you will be a bit sore). Remember, everyones body will react differently to to exercise, so be pa5ent and listen to your body to know what is too much and what is not enough.

  2. Focus on Form First!

    Learn the basics of every movement. Many people say – I can’t squat because my knees hurt, or can’t do crunches because of back pain. The number one reason someone feels pain during an exercise is due to improper technique. (we are here to help with this and will be here for constant reminders). Whether it’ s squats, a lunge, a plank or a pushup concentrate on controlling your movement and feeling the exercise. If your balance is off, your spine twisted or misaligned or your knees buckling inwards you could be looking at an injury – this is when it is important to back off, use a lighter weight or choose an easier version of the movement. We want you to be in it for the long haul, there is plenty of time to up your weights or move onto a more challenging exercise.

  3. Learn The Fundamentals

    When first stepping into the gym, you will see tons of different types of exercises and it could seem a little overwhelming, but don’t let this distract you or discourage you. These first few weeks, focus on the fundamental moves (and doing them right): the squat, lunge, the pushup, the row, how to punch and plank. Next month you can add a few more and add a bit of variety. There are thousands of moves you can work on in the gym, but the fundamental moves will work the major muscles, will build the most strength and burn the most fat. You’ll learn other moves as we go along, but we will never stray to far from the basics!

  4. Don’t Forget Fun

    Does this sound unimportant? In fact this is the most important aspect of all! Yes, it is call working out, but it shouldn’t feel like work! Yes, we want to take it seriously, its one of the most important things you can do for your health and wellbeing, but once you learn the basics, make sure its fun. Perhaps not head to the beach fun, but engaging, rewarding and invigorating fun! If it isn’t fun, if you leave feeling worse than when you came in, then its important to change it up. Work with lighter weights or heavier weights, do a faster boxing class or a slower yoga class, something with music, friends, silence or by yourself! The more you enjoy your workouts the more likely you will stick with them – Find a program YOU love (or at least like) and throw yourself into it, one hundred percent, on day at a time!

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