MARY Member Spotlight – April 2018

Why did you decide to join AB Corporate Fitness and what has made you stay?

My smart ass daughter said “it was because I needed to lose weight?”. And she was right. I had met Aaron a little while earlier and joined up when he and Brendan first started up. I loved the idea of the smaller, more personable gym environment compared to the larger

Current Goal(s) In The Gym Or In Life?

I want to keep pushing myself to attend more classes, build muscle and become a more fitter and healthier person.

What Would You Like To Know More About?

Nutrition, including quick and easy to prepare meals and snacks is always something I want to learn about as I am always on the go. A nutritionist came to talk to us as part of the Challenge and having more time with her would be beneficial.

Favourite And Least Favourite Exercise Or Class?

Least favourite of course is Spin. I’m always saying “I don’t spin”. Sittng on the hard seat. Losing balance trying to cycle standing up. Nope. Not for me. Although I haven’t done many of them lately I love the BoxFit classes. I’m really enjoying the lunch time Cardio Blast ones at the moment.

What’s Been Your Most Memorable Achievement Since Becoming A Member?

Deciding to go on the 6 week Challenge in February was a turning point for me. It forced me to have more focus, discipline and determination. Not to mention more self control when it came to the late night snacks. Lol. Oh and also being part of the winning Red team of the Inaugural ABmazing Challenge. That was so much fun.

Whats Something That Your Gym Mates Would Be Surprised To Know About You?

Last year I went back to school and now I am a qualified Education Support Officer (Teacher’s Aide). After six months of juggling classes, placement, assignments and being my daughters personal Uber and of course the gym, all my hard work paid off and I recently attended my Graduation Ceremony where I even got to wear a gown.

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