Janet & Nabila Member Spotlight – June 2018

Why Did You Decide To Join Ab Corporate Fitness?

BOTH: We were looking for some sort of challenge to join. We used to do home workouts and we tried diets we came across. We did very well but eventually we lost motivation. We decided to join just to do the 6 week challenge back September. We knew Brendan from some classes he used to do for the parents at our children’s school and we quite enjoyed them.

NAB: After seeing results, feeling great, meeting new people, having trainers understand my goals and having that hunger for more I stayed on board and I’m loving it.

JANET: This is the first time in my life that I’ve joined a gym. I stayed because I saw results and the boys would always motivate us.

Current Goal(s) In The Gym Or In Life?

NAB: My current goal at the moment is to build strength and muscle as well as being a good example to my kids. I want to show them that working hard and changing a few things in my lifestyle will make me healthy, happy and strong.

JANET: My goal at the gym is to become stronger and fitter. The weight loss is a bonus. I notice I am becoming stronger everyday, things I do at home or at work like heavy lifting or stairs have become easier. My goal in life is to raise my children right in this world, and teach them to have a positive body image and show them how to lead a healthier lifestyle.

What Would You Like To Know More About?

BOTH: We would both like to know more about cleansing and body detox, the pros and cons and the best way to do it.

Favourite And Least Favourite Exercise Or Class?

NAB: I think Box-Fit and Pump Hit would have to be my favourite. I love the boxing and weights. My least favourite would have to be Spin only because I find it hard to get my heart rate up, I know I need to build strength in my lower body and I’m working on it.

JANET: I love quite a few classes, Box-Fit, Wild Ropes and the AB Fit Drill. I don’t really favour suspension. In saying that I do it for a challenge plus with a sore knee at the moment suspension can become my friend!!!

What’s Been Your Most Memorable Achievement Since Becoming A Member?

JANET: The most memorable achievement would be learning how to use the spin bike. I know I sound silly, but I’ve never liked the bike. I hate how your bum hurts, but I’ve discovered the trick is not to sit on it! LOL! I managed to reach 90% on my MYZONE while on the bike and that was a huge achievement for me.

NAB: My most memorable moment would be the six week challenge and seeing the results.

Whats Something That Your Gym Mates Would Be Surprised To Know About You?

Well… What our gym mates don’t know is that recently we went to surrounding gyms to have a look at them and see what they offered. We even took some casual classes at some places.

NAB: How do you go to a place which is 2 star knowing that the only place to be is at a 5 star gym!!

JANET: I am so sorry Aaron and Brendan I felt like we where cheating on you. We realised we are so well looked after, provided with a high level of service and you care for your members. Shopping around opened our eyes to how great we have it with AB Corporate Fitness!

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