How important is First Aid in your workplace?

first aid in workplace
Every now and then, we seldom forget how important First Aid and CPR is especially when we are busy or doing our daily routines.

We get caught off guard when we face difficult situations. We never know when we’ll get injured or see an injured person or a family member.

But as humans, it is normal to panic when we face an unexpected scenario. But if we have proper training, everything that we trained will come into place and we will know how to deal with the situation.

First Aid at Work

If someone got hurt, would your team know what to do?

Would they respond quickly and efficiently? Or would they panic and leave someone at greater risk?

Effective first aid training in the workplace can have a huge impact on your company.

Here are four ways first aid training can improve your company.
Employees are happier and more confident

The attitude of employees determines the success of the business. If the employees can perform their duties with high proficiency, the business will grow.

Every employee that receives standard first aid education will be happy to gain new knowledge. They will also appreciate the efforts of the employers to protect them from dangers while they work.

After going through the first aid training, employees will be more confident to react in a timely and efficient manner if an accident occurs. That makes all the difference, as every second counts.


Did you know that US companies pay $62 billion each year for workplace injuries?

Think about the overall cost of a workplace accident–legal fees, lost productivity, and workers compensation, to name a few. The cost of periodic first aid training may be discouraging, but compared to the cost of injured and discouraged employees, it’s practically a spoonful of sugar.

The truth is, your bottom line can’t afford to have injured employees.

The cost starts with an injured employee. You have to deal with lost productivity, workers compensation, and may even need to hire a new employee or a temp to cover their absence. The cost of hiring a new employee is far higher than the cost of keeping an employee for years.

Worse, if you have a pattern of accidents, workers will start to get demoralized. They won’t be willing to stick around a workplace where they don’t feel safe. And that means you’ll have to deal with the cost of constantly replacing employees.

Building Team Relationships

So really, when you get down to it, first aid training is as much about building team relationships as it is about anything else. When you train your whole team at once, first aid training becomes a real team building exercise. It’s a chance for your employees to bond and get to know each other. Most importantly, it helps your employees learn to feel safe in the workplace because they know that their coworkers can step up to the plate in the event of an emergency.

Promotes security

People who have had a good first aid education will be more confident in carrying out techniques that will save the life of the victim. It is important to express confidence while carrying out first aid because any form of panic can make an individual take a wrong decision.

Having the presence of people who have been well-trained to give first aid will create an air of calmness and professionalism in the workplace.

First aid training raises the standard of safety in every workplace. The employees will become more confident in every emergency situation and unforeseen traumatic situations and accidents will be properly handled.

Please note that regular First Aid and CPR Training is the best way to make sure that you’re prepare in the case of an emergency. Book a course with us

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