first aid - why essential in schools

First Aid – Essential in Schools

A quick response

Since some accidents won’t require any professional treatment provided injuries don’t get aggravated.

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first aid - why essential in schools

First aid can save lives

When it comes to more serious injuries, first aid provides an essential role in keeping a casualty from getting worse.

CPR plays a core role in first aid training and quick application is crucial, so having a trained first aider on site who can stay composed under pressure is highly beneficial.


A greater sense of safety

Becoming trained in first aid methods will help you to feel more secure and confident when dealing with emergency situation.

An added benefit of this is that the people around you, be it students or other teachers and staff, will also feel more reassured knowing that there are trained people on site

why essential in schools

Helps to meet legal safety requirements in schools

Schools must plan for the first aid needs of students and staff at school or on approved school activities.


Schools must ensure that First Aid Officers have completed a recognised first aid training course that meets the requirements of Provide First Aid .

HLTAID003 and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) — HLTAID001.

Basic First Aid training (HLTAID003) must be completed every three years, while a refresher course in CPR (HLTAID001) must be completed annually.

The mandatory First Aid for Students and Staff Guidelines, in the Guidance tab, support principals and/or their delegates to meet their first aid obligations by providing guidance for schools on:

  • conducting a first aid risk assessment
  • the minimum number of staff required to have first aid training, based on the number of staff and students at the school. Ensuring first aid facilities (rooms, sick bays and first aid kits) meet minimum requirements
  • recording of first aid treatments and incidents for students and staff.

Although all staff are not required to have their first aid certificate in schools, if an emergency were to occur, wouldn’t it be better if all staff are prepared? 


First Aid – essential in schools

Please note that regular First Aid and CPR Training is the best way to make sure that you’re prepare in the case of an emergency. Book a Free Call with us!


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