Emergency Kit

First aid Kit

What is Emergency Kit?

Most people have a basic first aid kit. But is it basic enough?

Freak storms, cyclones, forest fire emergencies, earthquakes and snow storm … oh my!

How ready are you if nature unleashes its powerful force?

If there was an emergency, do you have what you need. And some of us live very far from the nearest hospitals and what if emergency services cannot reach you because of a tree blocking the road or power outage… it’s time to ask yourself, are you and your family prepared?

An emergency kit contains life saving items that will help you with a wide range of emergencies and will provide you and your family with the basic needs for 48-72 hours or until local services or help will arrive.

Emergency kits should be a basic protection against the elements as this can be very handy during emergencies. We cannot tell when a storm or earthquake or other calamities will arrive therefore it is very important that we are ready when it happens.

Depending on what the emergency is will always vary what items should actually be inside your emergency kit, however what are 10 basic items that should definitely be in an emergency kit?
Survival kits should have supplies and tools to provide basic protection against the elements for at least 48-72 hours, meet health and first aid needs, and signal to rescuers. It should be enough for everyone in your family:
  • Basic First Aid kit
  • Toiletries
  • Water container for 3 days
  • No perishable food for 3 days
  • Flashlight and extra batteries
  • Swiss Army knife
  • Whistle
  • Blanket
  • Radio
  • Rope

All inside A Waterproof case

Have you ever needed to use your emergency kit? We would love to hear from you! Message us today and share your story..

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