Dog Bite

dog bite

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.” – Josh Billings

It is hard to deny that pets quickly become part of your family. And veryday lives and as such it’s impossible not to get emotionally attached to them

We also become part of their everyday lives and they too become emotionally attached to us.

Sometimes we forget that they are animals with instincts and still can unexpectedly show aggression and get agitated.

This can result in our dogs bitting us or even strangers, particularly when we are out walking our pets.

A dog bite is a very painful injury due to the shape of their K9 and the pressure and power of their bite.

This can lead to deep lacerations or fractured bones depending where a person can get bitten.

 So what should we do if we get bitten?

What first aid do we provide to a person who has been bitten?

First Aid for a dog bite:
  • Wash the injury site with water and/or saline to help prevent infection.
  • If the location is bleeding, remember to put direct pressure on it to prevent blood loss.
  • Put a clean pressure immobilisation bandage (PIB) on it
  • Seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Dog bites can lead to infection or worse if not treated right away and this is due to the possibility of bacteria in a dog’s mouth.

It is common for small playful bites or nips to break the skin, in particular on the hands of both adults and children.

Even if the wound is small and looks minor, your body may have hard time fighting an infection if it occurs.

Seek medical advice if an infection persists.

“A dog is a families best friend, but sometimes accidents happen and we need to be prepared for all situations.”

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