5 Top Tips for Staying Motivated in the Winter

Plan an Event

Nothing beats looking forward to a new adventure whether it be skiing, hiking or signing up for a running or cycling event.  Having a goal helps to create focus and momentum making exercise in the cool darkness of the day more meaningful.  Celebrate the season. Hit the snowy slopes with a day or weekend trip skiing, snowboarding or even sledding. Try a pop-up ice rink for skating.  Wall climbing can be a fantastic family weekend activity.  The change of seasons is the perfect opportunity to try something new or rediscover an old passion.

Dark Mornings

Have you started pushing the snooze button and prefer to wake with the natural light?  Instead of pushing the snooze button, reach for the light switch instead.  Have your exercise gear ready the night before so you put it is easy to grab and go.  Get that body moving with a few stretches, squats or star jumps (jumping jacks) to get the blood pumping.

Invest in Warm Clothing

Do you hate being cold? Does it slow you down?  Invest in a few key pieces of clothing that will keep you warm in the cold or wet Melbourne days.  Don’t let weather become a barrier for outdoor exercise or going to the gym.  Layering clothes is always handy as your body naturally warms up with exercise.  A good investment can last years which helps to maintain a consistent routine allowing you to achieve your goals.

Stay Connected

Organise to meet up with friends at the gym. Creating a good network around your favourite activities helps to stay connected.  The days when you are most reluctant to go to the gym are often the most important and meaningful. Exercise can help improve mood, increase immunity and decrease stress.  Take a no excuse attitude.

Book a Regular Training Session

Stuck in a rut.  Book in with one of AB Corporate’s trainers or Exercise Physiologists for an individual tailored session.   A change of exercise and regular check ins can help keep you accountable and on track.  Plan your exercise sessions in advance and book into your favourite classes.  Take a fitness test or get a body scan. Accountability and tracking improvements may help you to push through the cooler days and keep you on track for your summer goals.

We at AB Corporate Fitness are here to support and encourage you.  Talk to our team members and we will support you in your individual health and fitness journey.  Remember, have fun, enjoy your workouts and remember “the best project to work on is you”!

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